12 Apex Mobile Legends Roles You Should Know!

12 Apex Mobile Legends Roles You Should Know!

12 Apex Mobile Legends Roles You Should Know – Apex Mobile has 12 different Role Legends. You can play several roles according to the abilities you want to play.

There are 12 apex mobile legends roles with different characteristics and skills. Want to know more? Let’s see below!

12 Role Legends Apex Mobile

Check out Apex Mobile’s role legends by having a background that is no less important for you to know! You can be more creative again by using other roles. Legends have their respective roles because they are arranged in such a way as to be able to use their skills well.

There are some legends that are definitely quite offensive and defensive. There are a few things that you must underline, of course, the legend has its limitations. Therefore, you must know what the roles of Apex Mobile legends are.

  • Bloodhund

Being a reliable tracker like bloodhund is very important for you Apex Mobile Slot Gacor players to identify several ways you can do it. Bloodhund is a legend who is attractive and able to compete in the rules of the game that has been done. This must be one of your priorities in carrying out a significant strategy.

You can better use skills and abilities that can certainly track enemies. Very easy to play too. However, you have to be more observant and very impressive so that you can be even better at tracking.

  • Bangalore

One of the legends who is very cooperative in playing. Banglore is a legend that you must use to become one of the professional soldier teams. Passive and tactical are also very offensive because this certainly makes Apex Mobile legends role the most used.

You also have to know that this legend is very sharp and quite impressive in playing. The ultimate used by rolling thunder can destroy enemies with one deep touch. You must use this legend to quickly rank up.

  • Caustic

The next apex mobile legends role you can explore for yourself. Want to play camper? This legend is one of the best.

Caustic has quite impressive passive and tactical skills. Makes the enemy also very away from the area around the caustic. Because the poisonous gas created by caustic can subdue many players in an instant. Of course, it should be one to take into account. Because, this battle royal game is not only a long range game but a very meaningful low range game.

  • Crypto

Crypto is one of the spy version of the apex mobile legends role. This legend has a lot of equipment that is enough to make opponents confused. Passive is very skilled at giving information to friends. This legend requires a high mechanical high scheme because this ultimate EMP Drone is very good to use.

You make it very easy to recognize your opponent and predict what to use to overcome several things that can minimize attacks from your opponent.

  • Giblartar

This Giblartar is a pretty tanky Apex Mobile legends role. You can maximize this legend in such a way as to avoid attacks from your opponent. You can also be one of the pillars of your own team. Because this one legend is also quite impressive in terms of defense.

You must use this legend so that your team is safe from enemy attacks. Passive and tactical very defensive. However, in terms of attack it is also very reliable.

  • Lifeline

Being a good support is definitely very difficult because of course being a support also has to give up some items or shields that are needed by a rusher. One of the main legends that can be a priority for support for the team is the lifeline.

Lifeline has a wide range of actions that can help the team heal massively. You are also certainly very impressive using this one legend because his passive really helps your team when the team is overwhelmed and dying.

  • Mirage

You are the rusher type and have a quirky style of play. Mirage is one of the best apex mobile legends roles that you can use. Because this miragae is able to limit the playing area of ​​the opponent. This legend is quite strong and very good for those of you who have high mechanical highs.

Tips for using this legend is to play aggressively and don’t let you be more passive than your own team. Because the pounding and rushing power of this legend is enough to help you get the best game out.

  • Octane

Octane is a mysterious apex mobile role legends. For those of you who rely heavily on the legend’s sudden attack, you can choose this one. This legend can maximize the strategy of your team. So, you can backstep your opponent. Of course, it takes a lot of energy.

However, don’t get me wrong, this legend is a healer type so it can be optimized

Block Puzzle Game: A Beginners Guide

block puzzle game

So, have you ever heard of the game of Block Puzzle game? This is an online game made after Tetris. It’s not that you need a lot of help to start the block puzzle game online, but it will help you know the ins and outs of competing with real-life players. Also, this will help you compete in multi-donated tournaments and win. So, let’s start.

Block Puzzle Game Rule

This game is similar to Tetris, and the rules remain the same. In the game of the Block Puzzle game, the grids must be filled with the blocks of blocks. Block pieces appear at the bottom of the screen and appear in three. After you successfully put everything in, you can switch to the following three parts, and the game continues.

Block Puzzle Game A Beginners Guide

Even though you have to place a block piece on the game board, the purpose of the game is not to fill the board. The aim is to delete horizontal and vertical lines to score points. So, it would be better if you put a block so you can clean a few lines and defeat your opponents.

Each match session lasts three to five minutes. So, until the timer ends, you have to place a block and print more than your opponent. Therefore, when you play the game, be sure to turn off all notifications and warnings. You need to concentrate fully on your game and not be interrupted by email or text.

The Game’s Control

Direct control. You only need to drag and drop a block to the block puzzle game board. Place them in the right place so they can make horizontal or vertical lines. It would be better if you also study the pieces before placing them carefully.

If you focus on cleaning one line, you might not print more than your opponent. When it is a competition, you must concentrate on staying longer in the block puzzle brain games and print higher than your opponent.

Tips & Tricks to Win Block Puzzle Game

Block Puzzle games are not based on luck. Although you cannot control the blocks of blocks that will appear on your screen, you can apply some tactics to clear lines. You must put the pieces properly in the grid and be smart about it so that your future movements are not hampered. Look below 100 block puzzle tips for several strategies that are tried and correct.

  • Don’t Start Filling the Game Board From the Middle, But the Side

It is not wise to fill the game board by placing a block in the middle. You have to start from the side so that the center is not too crowded. Maybe there are some surprising parts that will change your game. It is very important to leave the space for such pieces.

Therefore, always remember to start from the sideboard and then walk towards the center. When you put the pieces in the grid, try to make a line so you can clean it and stay longer in the Block Puzzle game.

  • Don’t let 3 × 3 take You by Surprise

A 3×3 square piece is feared by gamers who enjoy playing the puzzles. This is the famous part, and if you haven’t left the room for this section, it can end your game faster than you imagine.

The only solution is to always leave the space for this section when placing a block of blocks in the grid. Square pieces are solid blocks that cannot be rotated. You have to place it as is. Create space for this section when placing a block on the grid, and you will be able to stay longer in the game.

  • Clear Multiple Columns and Rows

It was never a good idea to place a block without thinking throughout the network. You cannot recover from this, especially because the game is set. So, you have a limited time to repair, and you cannot cancel the damage.

Therefore, learn the board correctly and analyze the block pieces. Then, start putting it and when you do it, be aware of your movements. Have a clear strategy in your head about how you will make a horizontal or vertical line. It would be better if you move towards your destination with care. Even if the timer is over, don’t panic. You need to work through a labyrinth and win.

  • Focus On Creating and Removing Many Lines

The goal is to clean the network, and when competing against your opponent, you want to print the highest. You don’t want to be left behind. So, cleaning one line should not be your strategy from the start. It is impossible to print more than your opponent by cleaning one line in five minutes.

It makes sense to concentrate on creating several horizontal and vertical lines. These lines will be cleaned quickly, and you will get more scores than your opponent. Work towards your destination with concentration and focus.

  • Playing Trail Games

One of the best ways to master the Block Puzzle game strategy is to play trial games. This exercise game is the same as the tournament, but they don’t offer prizes. Play these trick block puzzle games, compete against opponents, and learn art calmly in the middle of an intense battle.

In The End…

Hopefully, now you have all the information needed to start playing the block puzzle game free download and competing in the tournament. Use this knowledge to defeat your opponents and get cash prizes.