Block Puzzle Game: A Beginners Guide

block puzzle game

So, have you ever heard of the game of Block Puzzle game? This is an online game made after Tetris. It’s not that you need a lot of help to start the block puzzle game online, but it will help you know the ins and outs of competing with real-life players. Also, this will help you compete in multi-donated tournaments and win. So, let’s start.

Block Puzzle Game Rule

This game is similar to Tetris, and the rules remain the same. In the game of the Block Puzzle game, the grids must be filled with the blocks of blocks. Block pieces appear at the bottom of the screen and appear in three. After you successfully put everything in, you can switch to the following three parts, and the game continues.

Block Puzzle Game A Beginners Guide

Even though you have to place a block piece on the game board, the purpose of the game is not to fill the board. The aim is to delete horizontal and vertical lines to score points. So, it would be better if you put a block so you can clean a few lines and defeat your opponents.

Each match session lasts three to five minutes. So, until the timer ends, you have to place a block and print more than your opponent. Therefore, when you play the game, be sure to turn off all notifications and warnings. You need to concentrate fully on your game and not be interrupted by email or text.

The Game’s Control

Direct control. You only need to drag and drop a block to the block puzzle game board. Place them in the right place so they can make horizontal or vertical lines. It would be better if you also study the pieces before placing them carefully.

If you focus on cleaning one line, you might not print more than your opponent. When it is a competition, you must concentrate on staying longer in the block puzzle brain games and print higher than your opponent.

Tips & Tricks to Win Block Puzzle Game

Block Puzzle games are not based on luck. Although you cannot control the blocks of blocks that will appear on your screen, you can apply some tactics to clear lines. You must put the pieces properly in the grid and be smart about it so that your future movements are not hampered. Look below 100 block puzzle tips for several strategies that are tried and correct.

  • Don’t Start Filling the Game Board From the Middle, But the Side

It is not wise to fill the game board by placing a block in the middle. You have to start from the side so that the center is not too crowded. Maybe there are some surprising parts that will change your game. It is very important to leave the space for such pieces.

Therefore, always remember to start from the sideboard and then walk towards the center. When you put the pieces in the grid, try to make a line so you can clean it and stay longer in the Block Puzzle game.

  • Don’t let 3 × 3 take You by Surprise

A 3×3 square piece is feared by gamers who enjoy playing the puzzles. This is the famous part, and if you haven’t left the room for this section, it can end your game faster than you imagine.

The only solution is to always leave the space for this section when placing a block of blocks in the grid. Square pieces are solid blocks that cannot be rotated. You have to place it as is. Create space for this section when placing a block on the grid, and you will be able to stay longer in the game.

  • Clear Multiple Columns and Rows

It was never a good idea to place a block without thinking throughout the network. You cannot recover from this, especially because the game is set. So, you have a limited time to repair, and you cannot cancel the damage.

Therefore, learn the board correctly and analyze the block pieces. Then, start putting it and when you do it, be aware of your movements. Have a clear strategy in your head about how you will make a horizontal or vertical line. It would be better if you move towards your destination with care. Even if the timer is over, don’t panic. You need to work through a labyrinth and win.

  • Focus On Creating and Removing Many Lines

The goal is to clean the network, and when competing against your opponent, you want to print the highest. You don’t want to be left behind. So, cleaning one line should not be your strategy from the start. It is impossible to print more than your opponent by cleaning one line in five minutes.

It makes sense to concentrate on creating several horizontal and vertical lines. These lines will be cleaned quickly, and you will get more scores than your opponent. Work towards your destination with concentration and focus.

  • Playing Trail Games

One of the best ways to master the Block Puzzle game strategy is to play trial games. This exercise game is the same as the tournament, but they don’t offer prizes. Play these trick block puzzle games, compete against opponents, and learn art calmly in the middle of an intense battle.

In The End…

Hopefully, now you have all the information needed to start playing the block puzzle game free download and competing in the tournament. Use this knowledge to defeat your opponents and get cash prizes.

A Guide to Become a Freelance Writer For Beginners in 2022

A Guide to Become a Freelance Writer For Beginners in 2022

A freelance writer can make various types of content for various customers from various sectors. Certain freelancers specialize in certain fields, while others write in various genres, such as fiction and non-fiction. They usually do not need to be freelance writers on the spot and can interact with their clients via email, telephone, or video conference. Many writers are long-distance workers as independent contractors. However, certain writers work with other freelancers and full-time professionals. But this freelance writer for beginners is trained to provide quality and free content of plagiarism.

In addition to patience, tenacity, and talent for budgeting, successful loose writers need a portfolio of writing samples, great ideas, and networks. Not only has this but need to know how to check plagiarism. Also, knowing the right person opens the door for new project opportunities and tasks and allows you to do the same for others at the end of the road, but meeting people can be a challenge.

At the beginning of your freelance Writer career, you can rely on cold pitching to make the ball rolling. Reach your favorite writer locally, meet for drinking coffee, or join the online freelance writing courses free group where contact and resources editors are freely exchanged.

Build a Portfolio

Small businesses reached as much as they did at first. Loose work is no different. Focus on finding new clients and building your portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of writing samples that show your strength and reach as a writer.

Freelance Writer

Initially, every byline and project that you get, can and must be used to build your portfolio, but if you have not landed a payment show, you can always write for hypothetical clients or use blog posts.

If you are stuck on what you should write, make a list of passions or areas you have experience or expertise.

Start Pitching

The hardest part of a freelance writing course is very important: you must put yourself there and throw it into many publications and websites. Always listen to ideas or trends in your daily life or culture.

Be sure to identify the right editor, and do enough research to make good guesses about the right person in Masthead to be contacted (very rare is the leader of this person’s editor).

Not only has this, but you need to decide on your writing niche. You need to focus on one of the best niches in writing and then try to write more to improve your writing skills.

Start Your Blog

Being a blogger is very useful if you start and don’t have a published byline. Many editors or potential clients will ask for writing samples to get your votes; In this way, you will have something to show them.

For blogging, you want to check plagiarism before uploading your content because unique content is very important to rank your articles in the Google search engine.

Focus on The Job Board

Not all freelance writer shows are the 12,000 words that you have reported and submitted. From the brand alliance to the initiative to optimize the search engine (SEO), most organizations provide part-time contracts for marketing content, copywriting, and copyediting.

Start looking for freelance writing jobs for beginners on sites like contently, media lounges, and LinkedIn. Create a strong profile there to increase your chances of getting a job.

Before hoping to get a loose job that is paid well, beginner freelance writers must concentrate to create a profile.

Take Help from Online Tools

When you work as a freelance writer, you must make sure that you have the right tool on your side. As a content writer, you must provide unique content.

You must have an online plagiarism checker tool on your bookmark to ensure the originality of the content. You must also have an online grammar checker that can help you correct your work.


This guide will help you become a good freelance writer. But the most important thing to remember is to create your content. I mean, your content must be free of plagiarism.

Always use a plagiarism checker before sending any work to the client.

5 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Home in 2022

5 Ways you Can Upgrade your Home in 2022

If the pandemic has made your house an upgraded look, these ways you can upgrade your home would be us spending months of our life in our house without leaving!

We all have our emotional attachments and sentiments to our house, but how much time do we invest in upgrading its look?

Minute changes or additions can make the most considerable difference in our living space. Here are the five easy ways you can give your house an upgraded look!

Best Ways You Can Upgrade Your Home in 2022

Upgrade your home

1. LED Lights

LED lights are what’s in! And they are literally in your false ceiling.

You indefinitely would have seen these LED lights on Tiktok or Instagram reels, and for a reason. These lights are selling like hotcakes because of how distinct and beautiful they look.

They can instantly change the mood of any room based on the range of colors you can choose. These LED lights will automatically upgrade your home to the coziest place to be.

The best thing you can upgrade your home about them is that they’re not limited to indoor settings only. You can fix these lights under staircases, around swimming pools, bar tables and so on. Think of any place that you want to install them, and you most certainly can.

Some of the best places to have these lights installed would be in your bedroom, the swimming pool, behind picture frames, under your bed, behind your headboard, and if you have a false ceiling, it fits perfectly there.

The possibilities of including them in any part of your house are endless, and they effortlessly elevate the look of your home.

Say goodbye to boring lighting and get your LED lights!

2. Artificial Plants

Most of us are good at looking after plants but having them indoors can be a bit of a task. Consider the muddy water stains on the floors and walls and not to mention insects and mosquitoes making their way into your home.

When you think of plants, and minus all the efforts, you’ve got artificial plants!

Faux plants are a great way of giving your house a fresh look without worrying about a plant’s life.

Another great thing you can upgrade your home with artificial plants is that they come in fabrics like silk and are not limited to plastic. So for those of you that live in a plastic-free household, fabric artificial plants are the perfect choice for you!

You can add faux plants of any size into your home; based on the symmetry of other items around the room, like your furniture.

There is a wide range of plants you can choose from, like succulents, cacti, philodendron, fiddle leaf fig tree, fan palm tree, eucalyptus steam, etc.; all vary in shape and size. Some are tall, while others are tiny.

They aren’t just limited to resting on your floor. Apart from potted artificial plants, you can also get hanging planters to add some structure to the higher portion of walls that look empty.

If the decor and aesthetics of your home are minimalist; or have a bohemian or neutral-colored look, and you are looking to add a pop of color, green plants make all the difference.

You don’t have to worry about it fitting well with the different shades of your room.

The luscious green plants with varying heights and at different positions in your house add so much texture and dimension. Regardless of their shape and size, they add such a vibrant and fresh look to your home. Not to mention they look extremely sophisticated!

3. Tapestry

When you enter a room, and your eye catches a beautiful embroidered or woven piece of cloth hanging on the wall, you automatically know that the people of that house have a great sense of design and style!

Tapestries are the most glorious pieces of art that can upgrade your home. The owners of the house might have the most comfortable furniture, but a creative piece of history-woven tapestry doesn’t go unnoticed.

It is like a detailed painting with the texture of the fabric to it!

They surely bring a rustic look to a rather modern space. They have an intricate style with a history of different cultures.

Although rugs have been used since ancient times, they are still valued all the same by artists, interior designers, and art admirers.

Your choice of tapestry does not have to resemble an ancient church and European building. There is the freedom to choose any design, molds, and art that is most suitable for upgrade your home. Only the minimum work is done to hang the rug but the endless flow of praise will follow!

4. Carpets or Rugs

You don’t want to leave the empty wall now, right? Paintings, photo frames, and much more fill space to increase structure and design.

Now think about the carpet as a floor painting. Why does your floor remain an empty canvas?

Apart from the red carpet that we see at events, other creative carpets are sometimes not given the attention that they deserve to get!

Carpet, both innocent and colorful, serve its purpose based on the style you want. Printed coatings that have patterns that flow through them can use a smoother carpet/rugs, while plain minimalist settings can use color tinge and some printed pieces.

This clearly does not mean you should not be brave to use a printed carpet with a printing coating on your furniture.

Using a carpet that has the right color that matches your furniture or room creates a sense of continuity in the color scheme.

There are several types of carpets and carpets with unique color combinations and various types of molds that give upgrade your home and your room a contemporary appearance.

The fabric on the floor adds new dimensions and nuances to the previous plain surface which will definitely attract everyone’s attention!

5. Accent Chair

Accent chairs can be modern or traditional, but they are clearly the most beautiful and most elegant furniture. That will definitely attract prominent attention!

Accent chairs can bring cohesion to any room with almost all aesthetics. You will never be wrong with this addition to your home!

Another way to upgrade your home with accent chairs that will have the attention of everyone is a colorful accent chair. And you don’t need to emphasize the color you choose too much because almost all colors will fit in your room. That is the beauty of accent chairs.

Various fabrics that you can choose when choosing your accent chair are unlimited. You have a choice of velvet, suede, imitation leather, kilim cloth, etc., Not to mention many designs and shapes of the chair itself.

Colorful or printed accent chairs act as a statement in your home that adds glamorous elements to the contemporary space, of course, increasing the appearance of the room.


You will make everyone want to visit your home and take interior design tips from you. This article shows you five easy and simple ways your home can be improved by adding only one element that is lost.

Go and make the smallest changes in your home that will strengthen the appearance three times!

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS

cloud-based LMS

While Cloud-based LMS is equally old with the emergence of the internet, companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google are truly carrying terminology to consumers. Since then, cloud computing has become a new norm. As a result, including cloud computing in the Learning Management System (LMS) has become an important revolution for online training.

The development of Cloud-based LMS platforms allows coaches or companies to train their employees with a few IT skills. Also, this allows the coach to access the Elearning course remotely. This platform offers cloud storage while allowing trainers to access their services at a cost depending on the number of students and their technological needs. Before checking the various benefits provided by this Cloud-based LMS, let’s go through the various types of LMS available for users.

Type of LMS

Although there are up to nine types of learning management systems, we will go through these six types. They include:

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS

1. Enterprise LMS

Company learning management system that serves large companies with up to 500 employees. This type of LMS has many features for career for company needs even when they grow.

2. Individual LMS

This category serves small organizations or creators of independent courses that do not yet have a large audience. They offer subscription plans and can also be measured to meet more broad needs.

3. Free LMS

This is quite clear. Most LMS has a free version of their application that offers a small part of their full functionality. However, most of them are easily installed, and most users can easily use them without IT professionals.

4. Commercial LMS

This category is classified as LMS for sale at a certain price. They are easy to manage, and you get their support. However, they need frequent updates, handle bugs, and put new features into the software.

5. Cloud-based LMS

This category explains LMS which allows users to access educational content from anywhere in the world using any device with an internet connection. Usually combines the features of most other LMS. This is just a different feature is Cloud-based excitement.

6. On-premise LMS

LMS On-Premise is a licensed product that is built and arranged according to company specifications and is hosted on the selected server. If this type of LMS is used in large companies, it might require more than a server to make it function properly. In addition, it might be expensive to regulate.

Note: One LMS product can belong to more than one type of LMS, depending on its features.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS

Cloud-based LMS is very popular for them:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

When running a company or an online learning course, it can store every possible cent while still giving grades is the most important. With a traditional LMS that requires a particular software or hardware installation, all trainers get are -measure solutions for all. However, with Cloud-based LMS, coaches can now buy subscriptions depending on their specific needs.

For example, people with a small number of students can buy subscriptions at lower prices. On the other hand, those who have many employees/participants or with some special requirements can also find customers that suit their needs. Of course, you can always increase your customers with more and more training participants.

The effectiveness of the cost also supports the training participants. For example, in the physical training class, they must spend additional costs on logistics. However, with Cloud-based LMS, this fee does not exist.

Learn more about the LMS price-setting model here

2. Increasing Accessibility

With traditional LMS, you must have an application or software to access or edit courses. This is really narrowing, and you might not be able to bring your PC wherever you go. However, with Cloud-based LMS, you can access the course wherever you go. So whether you are in the office, at home, or on vacation in the Bahamas, all you need is your login credentials, and you return to study.

Also, increased accessibility is also liked by the coach. Making a revision using traditional LMS is almost impossible. In this case, participants must download the updated version of the course again. Sometimes, the trainers must go through the entire process of making courses again just to influence some corrections. However, with Cloud-based LMS, coaches can easily influence their course changes. The changes made will be reflected in the portal of the training participants who have been uploaded.

3. Large Storage Space

Another limited feature of traditional LMS is their requirement for large storage space to make courses. For example, if you want to make a very comprehensive course with video and some media, you will need a large number of physical space on your PC. Now, if you have to make a few courses in the same way, the amount of storage you need will become humongous. This will increase costs because you have to meet this need by buying external storage options.

However, after you subscribe to Cloud-based LMS, you get access to large amounts of storage, making this course making it easier. So now, one software is solving the problem of making and storing your course. Also, if you find insufficient space, you can buy additional units.

4. Improved Security

With everything online, there tends to have a possibility of hacking attacks. Cloud-based LMS is not different because it tends to contain sensitive information. They include the personal information of the trainers and intellectual property held on the platform. Some participants may also have credit card information on this platform. This service manufacturer is in mind this possibility.

They ensure to maintain their user data outside the location and conduct regular reserves to prevent data loss. In addition, they use various safety measures such as safe sockets (SSL), data encryption, and password protection. However, it is also important to note that users must also protect their information.

5. Mobile Responsive Design

Elearning on mobile devices has become a norm. Not everyone can access a PC or even want to use a PC. With traditional LMS, watching courses is usually messy because many of these LMS are made for PC only. However, with Cloud-based LMS, you can access online courses from any device, be it mobile devices, tablets, or PCs.

The ease that comes with using this device can help participants watch, read, and understand this course better.


Cloud-based LMS is very beneficial for the Elearning room because of the effectiveness of their costs and ease of accessing it anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection). If you are a trainer or training participant who wants to make or buy a course, using a cloud-based LMS will only make your work easier.

BCCI Banned Boria Majumdar for Bullying Wriddhiman Saha

BCCI Banned Boria Majumdar

BCCI Banned Boria Majumdar: Boria Majumdar, an Indian sports journalist, academician, and author, was banned for threatening and bullying Wriddhiman Saha. Boria Majumdar threatens Wriddhiman Saha, an Indian cricket wicket-keeper after he ignores texts from him wanting a job interview.

Wriddhiman Saha an Indian cricketer who plays for Gujarat Titans in IPL 2022 shared screenshots of the Whatsapp exchange on Twitter by which he was threatened and suffering by a journalist named Boria Majmudar.

Wriddhiman Saha tweeted on Feb 19th “After our contributions to Indian cricket..this is exactly what I face from the so-known as “Respected” journalist!”. This is actually the condition of journalism today.” Fans reacted cordially to this, with a few sympathizing with him yet others pressuring Wriddhiman Saha to reveal the journalist’s identity. The intriguing part of the tale is the fact that many people have previously speculated that it’s Boria Majumdar, with a bad status.

BCCI Banned Boria Majumdar

BCCI Banned Boria Majumdar for Bullying Wriddhiman Saha

Wriddhiman Saha’s fans commented on his and pointed out Vikrant, Samip, and Boria as cancer to sports, and wanted may God save Indian Cricket from this cancer

In another remark on this tweet, a fan insisted Wriddhiman Saha reveal the name of the journalist so it won’t repeat in the future.

On Feb 22 Wriddhiman Saha printed three tweets, where the initial tweet he expressed his grief and made a decision to exhibit his name, within the second tweet he mentioned he’ll not reveal his name since it will finish someone’s career, plus another tweet throughout the day Wriddhiman Saha thanked his fans for supporting him playing situs ceme online.

Following these tweets, the BCCI started analysis and located Boria Majumdar as the perpetrator of bullying, threatening, and intimidating Indian veteran wicket-keeper Wriddhiman Saha, producing a two-year ban on Boria Majumdar.

BCCI held a committee to research the problem of if the messages sent by Boria Majumdar were anyway from the threat, and issued instructions in connection with this, a duplicate being below:

Since you may bear in mind, Mr. Wriddhiman Saha had shared screenshots of messages sent to a journalist around the social networking platform, Twitter, in which he mentioned he felt bullied through the conduct of the stated journalist. Mr. Saha within the hearing named Mr. Boria Majumdar because of the journalist.

BCCI Banned Boria Majumdar the Board of Control for Cricket in India had cognizance of the incident and considered it essential to investigate and probe the problem to prevent the recurrence of these instances along with other players.

In connection with this, BCCI created a committee comprising Mr. Rajeev Shukla, V . P ., BCCI, Mr. Arun Singh Dhumal, Treasurer, BCCI, and Mr. Prabhtej Singh Bhatia, Councillor, BCCI (“BCCI Committee”). The important thing problem for deliberation for that BCCI Committee within the matter ended up being to determine when the messages sent through the journalist were the character of threat and violence.

The BCCI Committee considered the submissions by Mr. Saha and Mr. Majumdar and figured that those things by Mr. Majumdar were indeed an all-natural threat and violence. The BCCI Committee suggested the next sanctions towards the Apex Council of BCCI. The Apex Council of BCCI agreed to use the recommendations from the BCC! Committee and enforced the next sanctions:

  • 2 (two) year ban on getting any accreditation as a member of the press in any of the cricket matches (domestic and international) in India;
  • 2 (two) year ban on getting any interview with any registered players in India; and
  • 2 (two) year ban on access to any of BCCI and members associations owned cricket facilities.

Cellular the above mentioned, we hereby have you kindly facilitate the compliance from the aforementioned sanctions inside your particular associations.

Boria Majumdar is illegitimate from interviewing any BCCI-registered cricket player for the following 2 yrs, from entering any cricket stadium for the following 2 yrs, from acquiring any accreditation as part of the press, and by using any BCCI or member association-owned cricket facilities.